The Happiness Library

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A collection of pictures, videos, memes, smiling babies, funny pets, etc.

We all are constantly fighting something. A mental battle, disturbing news, war, failure, breakups, a bad day, and many more.

Sometimes all you need is to visit a place that can make you smile, dance, happy cry and laugh a little ❤️

This can be that place for you.

Welcome to The Happiness Library 🙏

Please note: Your email will not be used in any way. This page is merely to have a constant place where I can send people directly. Copy-pasting notion page is messy.

Also, feel free to pay what you can. The money will be used to give away books to people who can't afford them.

In this together,
Prado 🙌

  • Let me make you smile ❤️

  • Let me make you smile ❤️
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The Happiness Library

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